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Clear Seal & Polish

This is quickly becoming a very popular option for homeowners and businesses alike. We start with a diamond grind floor prep to remove any surface contaminants, tile thin set/mortar or any visual blemishes, finished with optional patching of holes and/or cracks. Then we apply a minimum 2 coats of gloss, satin/semi gloss or matte finish sealer. Or a full polish system starts with a series of aggressive diamonds and finishing with fine grit resin pads using a lithium silicate concrete densifier to the sheen required to create extraordinary natural concrete floor finishes that are cleaned with a damp mop…that’s it! We can also clean and seal almost any exterior surface bringing new life to your driveways, patios, walkways, natural stone, tile, slate, aggregate, paver stones, and brick. Any sealer application can be used with our safe grip sand to aid in a non-skid finish on interior or exterior applications. Concrete is not 100% maintenance free. If you have a dull, worn or stained concrete floor you may be ready for a light makeover. By machine buff cleaning the concrete and reapplying a fresh topical sealer or specialty wax you can bring back the luster and shine of a dull drab concrete surface.